Sathu maavu / Multigrain porridge mix for babies and adults

Satthu maavu(3)

Sathu maavu / Kanji maavu or porridge mix powder is one of the most popular foods that most Indians start with for their babies when they are 6 months old and ready for some solids. Comprising mainly of ragi ( finger millet), each household has a different recipe for this porridge mix. Initially, the babies are started with just ragi or a combination of ragi and Puzhangal arisi ( rice) and as the baby adapts to solid foods, other grains, nuts, lentils etc are added. This is a great alternative to all the instant cereal mixes that are available in the market. Since it is homemade , you can control what goes inside your cereal mixes. You can make a big batch and refrigerate it, instead of making this fresh every time which is a tedious and time consuming process. This porridge mix makes a great breakfast option for adults too. I use this powder in my dosa / idli batter too.

I had initially added some cashews and almonds in the mix, but then I discovered my little is allergic to cashews. I now make them without cashews. She still has this for breakfast 2 to 3 times a week. Adding cashews will give you a creamier porridge. Feel free to include cashews if you are ok with it. (omit ingredients according to your dietary restrictions).

We use sprouted ragi (millet) in this recipe. I will do a detailed post on sprouting ragi soon!

Satthu maavu


  • 1 kg sprouted ragi / finger millet
  • 250 grams fried gram dal (pottukadalai)
  • 250 grams green moong dal (with skin)
  • 250 grams idli rice preferably red (puzhangal arisi)
  • 250 grams wheat

Extra ingredients:

  • 100 grams almonds
  • 100 grams cashews
  • 100 grams peanuts
  • 25 grams cardamom


Dry roast all the ingredients (except cardamom) and grind them to a fine powder.

Grind the cardamom as well and mix it with the other ingredients. Store it in an air tight container and use as needed.

To make the porridge, add a tbsp or more of the powder and add milk as needed. (Can also use non dairy milk) and cook the mixture until the porridge thickens. Add sweeteners/ toppings if needed or serve as such.


Try and buy organic ingredients, especially if making this for babies.

If you are not sure if the baby is allergic to any of these ingredients, grind these ingredients separately and mix as per your need. It is easier to omit ingredients, if you find out when the babies are allergic to nuts or lentils. I also add some powdered oats when making this porridge for some extra fiber. Although ragi is rich in fiber too.

If your little one is not allergic to anything, you can mix all the ingredients and use accordingly. (preferably after the baby is 1 year old)

For babies less than 1 year, it is better to start with just ragi and rice.

Satthu maavu(2)

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  1. Sumithra says:

    hi Preethi,

    Where can you buy sprouted Ragi?


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