Rava milk burfi / diwali sweet – A guest post

Here is a guest post by my best friend Madhumita Sundaresan! She is a wonderful cook and our love for cooking has had us share lots of recipes with each other! She started baking even before I did and it was her I used to turn to when I had any baking query 🙂 All said I am happy that she decided to share this recipe with us today! Here goes the recipe in her own words 🙂


First I’m very happy to share my recipe as a guest to my besties food blog. We have known each other for like so many years… 16 years to be precise… we have shared all kinds of emotions and despite so many common interests FOOD was such a thing between us which made us discuss about it for hours together.. 😀 I am a fan of her moms cooking I should say…

And now since its diwali season and many would be wondering what sweet to make,I am here with a wonderful age old recipe which I learnt from my mom. I wont say you can make this in a jiffy but by the time you finish making this sweet. . You’ll start eating it from the vessel .. :p This sweet is made using very simple ingredients which are readily available at home and cost effective too and it yields a huge quantity.

Here is the recipe for Rava milk burfi .


Rava 1 cup (200 gms)
Milk  3 cups
Ghee 1 n 1/2 cups
Sugar 4 cups
Cardamom powder and pacha kalpooram(edible camphor) optional


1) You can take a usual heavy bottomed kadai or a non stick kadai.
2) Pour half the quantity of ghee and roast the rava well till it turns slightly golden.
3)Cool the rava well.
4)After cooling, add sugar,milk, remaining ghee minus 1/4 cup to the rava and mix well without lumps.
5) keep stirring in medium flame till it becomes a thick paste.
6)Then keep it on low flame and keep stirring till it starts leaving the sides of the kadai. ( you can see hardening of the paste in the sides by scraping the sides of the kadai and dry paste falls.)
7) Now switch off the flame and add remaining ghee which was kept aside and mix well and stir for few minutes till it becomes dough like.
8)Keep a greased plate ready and immediately transfer the dough and spread it really fast with a knife or spatula before it hardens.
9) Use a knife and cut the squares when its hardening so that you can remove it and store it easily in the container after it cools.

Tadaa you have a yummy rava milk burfi ready. Trust me unless you mention it to people its rava nobody can ever find it out.

When I tried it for the first time I halved the above mentioned quantity and followed the procedure. It never failed me. Half of the above mentioned quantity yields 40 to 50 medium sized burfis when spreaded on a flat big plate and if you spread it thinner, you get much more :O .

You get these measuring cups and spoons everywhere. Please do buy and keep such wonderful kitchen treasures and follow all the recipes you come across using them for perfection.

HAPPY DIWALI folks! Happy cooking.

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